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Our policies are geared to your satisfaction. We guarantee your satisfaction. If there is a problem of any kind with the products you receive, please contact us: orders@hideouthoneybees.com within 60 days of receipt. We will respond by phone, email, or text to arrange a (no cost to you) return for replacement or refund.


Shipping of gift packages and small orders is by USPS Priority 1-3 day service using our economical flat rates for the lowest cost.
All of our boxes are especially strong to protect your purchase, and they fit tightly into the USPS Priority outer boxes for safe travels. Large orders ship by UPS Ground with the same care and lowest cost. Both methods furnish tracking and delivery notification.


We package our honey in 12 oz, 9 oz, and 6 oz sizes for the London Rectangle Jars and 16 oz in the classic squeeze (BPA Free) container. All sizes are available by the case, custom selections, and gift packages for your convenience. A personalized card option is available for gifts, special occasions, or events. We have 5 popular retail outlets in the Tulsa, OK area and ship nationwide to facilitate access to our products. The website images are a true representation. There may be slight variations in ribbon, charm, and labels color from our suppliers. The charms, tags, and labels may change throughout the year for seasonal identification.


You may also contact us with questions or comments about our products and service via email: garypreston@hideouthoneybees.com or USPS to Hideout Honey Bees, PO Box 3142, Muskogee, OK 74402, or text/call (918) 913-2020. Thank you for your interest in our operation and products.


"Hideout Honey Bees " and "Hideout Honey Bee Farm" are trademark brand names for the bee farms, apiaries, and honey products. Hideout Honey Bees LLC, is a registered Oklahoma company ID 198349165. Our Oklahoma Commercial Beekeeper License is #239, Tulsa Health Department Food Handlers Permit certification current through 03/13/2025, FDA/Food Safety Modernization Act Certification is #30503. Our products are 100% Pure Natural Honey.

We base our product packaging operation at Kitchen 66 in the Mother Road Market; 1124 S Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74104. This is a commercial kitchen and teaching facility, certified by the Tulsa Health Department,
dedicated to enabling entrepreneurship in food concepts. Like Mother Road Market, Kitchen 66 is a nonprofit program of the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation.


We offer a selection designed for personal gifts or to enhance special occasions such as weddings, events, and social gatherings. Honey is a fine gift; attractive, cannot spoil, no shelf life limit, easy to pack for travel, health benefits, and sweetness everyone loves.


We consider our Hideout Honey Bees business as support to the honey bees who do an amazing amount of work. Although we can harvest a portion of their honey, the greatest value of honey bees is in their service as pollinators. Some 90 crops grown in the United States alone are dependent on insect pollination, performed primarily by the honey bee. Honey bees are a critical component of agriculture. As honey bees visit blossoms to gather the nectar and pollen, they help agricultural crops, home gardens and wildlife habitats flourish.